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GREVESGROUP®, the famous investigative organization. Having its eminent online presence in all over the world. This is most reputed group renowned for having its partners and associates in based in American continent with countries like Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Jamaica, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Uruguay, Panama and United States.

The prime motive of our group is to bind the world together in a string of unity for achieving the goal of increasing the possibilities for getting the private investigations and detective services in every American country. We are one of specialized group present all over the places for providing highest number of investigation and detective services to individuals, businesses and corporate houses. Our functionality involves the best processes to achieve the supreme solution of all type of personal, domestic or family problems. We are capable of providing the easy access of our highly proficient and technically sound professionals who are available 24x7 for giving the effective investigative services to all who look forward to get a distinguished service. We are providing following investigation services:-

Corporate Due Diligence Investigation Corporate Due Diligence Investigation
Corporate Background Screening Corporate Background Screening
Corporate Record Research Investigation Corporate Record Research Investigation
Pre-Post Employment Screening Pre-Post Employment Screening
Competitive Intelligence Investigation Competitive Intelligence Investigation
Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
Intellectual Property Due Diligence Intellectual Property Due Diligence
Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement Investigation Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement Investigation
Trademark/Copyright Watch Notice Services Trademark/Copyright Watch Notice Services
Mystery Shopping Services for Customer Experience, Process Compliance Audit Mystery Shopping Services for Customer Experience, Process Compliance & Audit
IP Enforcement Actions IP Enforcement Actions
Trademark Sale/Purchase Trademark Sale, Trademark Purchase, Trademark Liaising Services
Domain Sale/Purchase Services Domain Sale/Purchase Services
Parallel Trade Investigation Parallel Trade Investigation
Grey Market Investigation Grey Market Investigation
Branding Competition Analysis Branding Competition Analysis
Online Brand Protection Services Online Brand Protection Services
Brand/Trademark Reputation Analysis Brand/Trademark Reputation Analysis
Trademark & Domain Acquisition Trademark & Domain Acquisition
Geographical Indication Mark Investigation Geographical Indication Mark Investigation
Insurance Claim Investigation Insurance Claim Investigation
Death Claim Verification Death Claim Verification
Life Insurance Claim Investigation Life Insurance Claim Investigation
Medical Claim Investigation Medical Claim Investigation
Property Claim Investigation Property Claim Investigation
Legal Services or Process Servers Legal Services or Process Servers
Personal Process Service Personal Process Service

Our group is having an endeavor to understand and analyze the prime need of all those people who search a trustworthy and reliable investigative source which can serve the best through a quality solution. Genuinely, we have the best planners, researchers and operators in American countries that are competent in providing the best services to make you comfortable. Our services are provided at minimum cost, this is to avoid the burden in taking the good use of our perfect services.

Today, problem doesn’t belong to one particular category or a kind. It is difficult to anticipate the problem and people across the region are having the faceoff with numerous types of problems where it is too difficult to get a solution, but it is higher spirits of our operator which inspires them to conduct the extensive work to achieve the goal. We maintain a standard of our services whereby we are able to win the trust and confidence of users who show the interest in our services. Our sincerity and your motivational support have been doing the best in finding the perfect services to meet your demands.

We hold the competency to deliver the immediate solution of entire problem. Our investigators to serve you better on Corporate Risk Investigations, IP Rights Investigation & Protection Services, Background Screening, Skip Tracing, Insurance Claim Investigations and Process Services.

For getting the best support of our investigators or for knowing more about us, please feel free to contact us on

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