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Welcome to www.grevesgroup.com - Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC, Dubai (UAE) is a part of GREVESGROUP® and a professional private investigation and Risk protection Group with its main office located in the Dubai and Partner/Associates offices in all the major cities of Western Asia - Yerevan, Baku, Manama, Nicosia, Tbilisi, Baghdad, Tehran, Jerusalem, Amman, Kuwait, Beirut, Muscat, Ramallah, Doha, Riyadh, Damascus, Ankara, Abu Dhabi, and Sanaa. Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC is a professional Risk protection Group providing comprehensive Risk Protections service to their International clients like Law-firms, Fraud Examiners, In-house counsel, Corporations, Exporters, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions and other private individual of all regions of Western Asian countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestinian territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. We are providing following investigation services:-

Corporate Due Diligence Investigation Corporate Due Diligence Investigation
Corporate Background Screening Corporate Background Screening
Corporate Record Research Investigation Corporate Record Research Investigation
Pre-Post Employment Screening Pre-Post Employment Screening
Competitive Intelligence Investigation Competitive Intelligence Investigation
Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
Intellectual Property Due Diligence Intellectual Property Due Diligence
Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement Investigation Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement Investigation
Trademark/Copyright Watch Notice Services Trademark/Copyright Watch Notice Services
Mystery Shopping Services for Customer Experience, Process Compliance Audit Mystery Shopping Services for Customer Experience, Process Compliance & Audit
IP Enforcement Actions IP Enforcement Actions
Trademark Sale/Purchase Trademark Sale, Trademark Purchase, Trademark Liaising Services
Domain Sale/Purchase Services Domain Sale/Purchase Services
Parallel Trade Investigation Parallel Trade Investigation
Grey Market Investigation Grey Market Investigation
Branding Competition Analysis Branding Competition Analysis
Online Brand Protection Services Online Brand Protection Services
Brand/Trademark Reputation Analysis Brand/Trademark Reputation Analysis
Trademark & Domain Acquisition Trademark & Domain Acquisition
Geographical Indication Mark Investigation Geographical Indication Mark Investigation
Insurance Claim Investigation Insurance Claim Investigation
Death Claim Verification Death Claim Verification
Life Insurance Claim Investigation Life Insurance Claim Investigation
Medical Claim Investigation Medical Claim Investigation
Property Claim Investigation Property Claim Investigation
Legal Services or Process Servers Legal Services or Process Servers
Personal Process Service Personal Process Service

Indeed we provide a host of international investigation and intelligence services to a variety of clients. We maintain a network of correspondent offices and professional associates in all developed and developing Asian countries and other parts of World. GREVESGROUP® has an extensive and widespread network of international legal professionals and private investigators and our professional team includes former officers from Law enforcement Agencies that provide legal and private investigation services to help you resolve your legal, business or personal matters throughout the Western Asian Countries.

GREVESGROUP® is committed to provide innovative and effective risk management solutions to our clients based in USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA, EUROPEAN and other parts of ASIAN COUNTRIES. We are confident in our ability to full fill our mission and provide reliable, confidential and quality one-stop services.

Mission: To provide a cost effective range of investigation services to facilitate business in Asia, which you can trust.


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