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Ramesh Madan - "Our Mentor"

picHe started his investigation career in 1958 as a freelance investigator. His creativity, knowledge of law, immense patience and, above all, intuitive instincts enabled him to achieve success in some of the most complex cases. In 1961, he established a firm. 'the Indian Detective as a private detective agency. In 1966, he formed the All India Private Detectives Association. Subsequently, in 1971, he founded Goliath Detectives Private Ltd. which is a top detective agency in India, employing hundreds of investigators with over a dozen offices spread all over the country. Currently, he is the Chairman of GREVESGROUP® of Private Investigation Agencies.

He has won many national and international awards, including:
- Council of International Investigators Award - 1987 at Washington, USA.
- International Investigator of the Year Award - 1989 at Toronto, Canada.
- Keith Roger Award for the Best Detective - 1990 at Oxford, USA.
- Malcom W Thomson Memorial Award - 1997 at Ireland
- Lifetime Achievement Award from The President of India - 2009

He is the first Indian to have become Certified International Investigator way back in 1967 and the first Asian to be elected as the International President and thereafter Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council of International Investigators (CII), USA. He is life member of World Association of Detectives-WAD (USA), World Investigators Network-WIN (USA). Presently he is Governor of Association of Private Detectives & Investigators-APDI (INDIA).

He is a self-made professional and operates just like legendary Sherlock Holmes. He has been shaped by destiny as he struggled through the jungle of difficult circumstances. His physical features differ but his professionalism and competence, much like Sherlock Holmes, are indeed remarkable. Handsome, bespectacled, pleasant, very amiable, calm and unruffled, he is the living legend.

Undeterred, he goes on with his mission fearlessly and is admired by countless number of people both in India and outside as their Godfather.

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