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Anti Counterfeiting Investigations

GREVESGROUP® Anti-Counterfeiting Investigators in India and Brand Piracy Investigations in India is an experienced IP Investigation agency who can help with all of your Anti-Counterfeit Investigations in India. Counterfeiting is ultimately an infringement of the legal rights of an owner of intellectual property. During the last two decades, many countries have taken steps towards introducing legislation that makes product counterfeiting a criminal offence. Our Anti-Counterfeiting Investigators in India are well experienced and have carried out numerous Anti Counterfeit Investigations in India. Our Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation Services in India will help you stop the counterfeit/infringement activities.

Our team has Indian private investigators having extensive experience with solving economic crime cases regarding counterfeiting in India. The items such including; bootleg clothing, movies, records, utensils, lubricants, cigarettes, etc. Anti-Counterfeit Investigators in India combats counterfeit items by working closely with State and Local law enforcement agencies to aggressively pursue counterfeiters. Anti-Counterfeit Investigators are highly experienced in assisting our clients to successfully identifying the, factories, companies and entities at the source of counterfeit or infringing products. We have also been providing best in class Infringement Investigation Services in India from years and are the leading Infringement Investigators of India.

We have worked and conducted Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations in India in most industries that have issues with counterfeiters or infringers including:

Products - Footwear - Sportswear - Pharmaceuticals - Tobacco - Confectionery - Apparel - Software & Hardware's - Electronic & Electric goods - White goods - Household goods - Alcohol and spirits - Beverages - Perfumes and cosmetics - Automotive - Toys - Watches - Luxury goods - Sports goods - Mobile phone's & Accessory - Machinery - Spare part's & tools - Stationary Items - Publications Industries And music etc.

However, despite the development in legislation, trademark owners may still face difficulties in persuading enforcement authorities to take action against counterfeiters. This is due to a number of factors:

Counterfeit products Investigation india Counterfeiting is often given a low priority compared to other criminal offences;
infringement Investigation in india It may be difficult to uncover the full scale of a counterfeiter's activities; and
trademark infringement Investigations The procedural rules are often too complex to make it worthwhile to enforce the law.

Our Infringement Investigators are well capable of understanding the infringements and report them to us for Infringement Investigation Services in India. We also offer local enforcement services in India including civil and criminal actions as well as online brand monitoring services in India.

Along with effective enforcement on the targets, we continue to keep an eye on the regular offenders and power sellers so that any re-occurrence can be controlled. We also conduct undercover surveillance on the targets as a process for Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations in India and to understand the complete chain. We thereafter also assist and advice the best possible course of action against the counterfeiters.

Our Online Infringement Investigations in India services also provide test purchases services in India and delivering C&D Notices at effective costs. We also have a team of Online Infringement Investigators in India who keep an eye on the online market, to effectively stop the violation of IP rights of brand owners.

Our team of Online Infringement Investigators and private investigators in India are adept as posing as customers and make undercover purchases in India to identify the counterfeit goods on sale. Anti-Counterfeit Investigators in India are well versed and knows local markets in and out about its operations and sources.

We understand that enquiries relating to corporate intelligence involve extreme sensitivity. We handle all issues in complete confidence. The primary goal of our organization is to provide the professional level of competent services at a very competitive and reasonable rate. With our many years of expertise and experience in this specialized field, you can be assured that your case will be handled professionally and ethically, from start to finish.

We continuously strive to help our clients and our aim is to provide a consistently high standard of service at competitive compensations ensuring value for money. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our IPR services and anti-counterfeit investigations, kindly write to us at

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