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Whistleblowing Support Services

Whistleblower services help clients to uncover lots of hidden facts, misconducts ongoing in the organization. It is even useful during the process of hiring an employee and knowing any unknown facts about the candidate through Whistleblowing services.

Basically, a whistleblower is an individual who provides information about any illegal activity ongoing in the organization at any level. The whistleblower can be from the same organization or would be an hired outsider who has access to the information as per their position in the company. The information a whistleblower provides helps the organization to operate better in an efficient manner by eliminating the fraudsters. Our team assist clients in multiple ways and in discreet manner as well.

Our Whistleblower Helpline Service and coordinators are well trained and work as per given situations and requirements. We come forward as professionals and share our knowledge, plans with client and the whistleblowing agent will collect information on any wrongdoings in the organization and report it to our client or us directly. Of course, a whistleblower agent can be an employee, investigator, contractor or even a supplier who keeps a watch and understands any illegal activities going on in the organization.

The assignments we undertake are operated by trained professionals, our whistleblower service are well proven, anonymous and are handled with complete discretion. As our main goal remains to report suspected fraud and misconduct to the client. Our hotline can also be used to report suspected corporate theft, Abuse of power, Corruption, bullying & harassment, and other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Our strategic approach to handle the whistleblowing project:

  • To conduct interview with the Whistleblower and the management team to get maximum information which will help in devising the strategy to conduct further internal/external audit and investigations.
  • To conduct audits & review of records of vendors and all available Data, Purchase Orders, Approval Process, etc. to ascertain red flags.
  • Conduct multiple Due Diligences and Discreet Field Investigations to establish allegations levied by the whistleblower and verify all red flags.
  • Conduct forensic and e-discoveries according to the requirements.
  • To Verify / investigate all other related links and information which may come-up during the assignment.

There have been multiple cases in the past where a new hire found red flags in their own departments/management levels and reported to the higher authorities in the company and stringent actions were taken accordingly. In some cases, even the top level management could be involved in the wrong doings and in such cases the main HQ of the company in another country can be reported by the whistleblower as well in the case of an MNC. We also provide whistleblower Helpline and hotline Services to ensure the safety of the whistle-blower from any security threats and reporting the red flags to the necessary agencies. Anyhow, the whistleblower can completely chose anonymity to make their identity unknown while reporting.

To know more about Whistleblowing Support Services and Online Reporting Services or to engage us, you may reach us by our helpline number +919810057095 or by email to [email protected]. Someone from our team will be in touch with you at the earliest.

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