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Business Theft Investigations

Are your staffs really working for you?
Don't be a victim of corporate crime. As money is getting harder and harder to come by in today's economy honest staff members are getting more and more tempted to take advantage of your trust.

Unfortunately our competitors could be benefiting from your misfortune.

Business theft doesn't always mean company property has been stolen. Company strategies, Budgets, Profit and loss statements, Research and intelligence, Customer and client details could be getting in the hands of your competitors.

It is important you know what is going on at all times to ensure you keep your company stays on top and not lose anything to your competitors.

If you have any of the following concerns please contact GREVESGROUP® for assistance.

  • Getting complaints from customers that packages are not being delivered
  • Stock going missing
  • Delivery drivers are taking longer to make basic deliveries
  • Staff members suddenly have larger amounts of money
  • Regular sick days (potential meetings with competitors at your expense)
  • Files go missing
  • Staff printing more than usual
  • Staff members have recently started carry briefcases or backpacks to work
  • Visits to competitors web sites are showing on your internet reports
  • Requests for access to more information
  • A sudden interest in the companies strategies
  • USB storage devices been seen on their desk or keychain

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