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Online/Internet Scam & Fraud Investigation Services

Lottery Scams Fraud Investigation Services

Lottery scam is still an ever-present threat despite high-tech cybercrime initiatives like hacking and tracking the scammers through IP addresses etc. These low-tech means of fooling and stealing money from innocent victims take no skill to accomplish their goals. African scams involve someone overseas offering you a share in a large sum of money or a payment on the condition you help them to transfer money out of their country. While these scams originated in Nigeria, and other African countries now, they come from all over the world.

There are different methods on how the lottery scam is manifested. All these methods always have one thing in common. In any case, they all share short story for all intents and purpose. To begin with, there's some "story" behind why they need you to pay a little charge so as to guarantee your preposterously high-dollar rewards. Second, they need access to your financial balance to legitimately exchange your rewards to you.

Their kind of fees – Different adaptations of lottery tricks have diverse purposes behind this fake expense. It may be charges on your lottery, an "exchange" expense since the lottery is from another nation, a currency exchange expense (once more, due to different region of origin), or a handling charge to deliver the cash to you or your bank account. In any occasion, all this is fake. There's no reason to pay any kind of taxes, which are paid after you acknowledge the cash and not previously, so to give anybody an installment so as to guarantee something you have won.

They ask for account access – Scammers who guarantee you'll get an immediate transfer or electronic exchange will request your bank account number, Routing Number, and even personal information like your Social Security number or birthdate. The scammers have no aim of placing cash into your accounts (obviously), yet with the data they obtain they can undoubtedly expel each penny from you that you have in your bank.

One can easily spot a lottery scam, phishing email or pony contest as they all have few common threads and understanding the below universal truths will help you identify the scams:

  • You will never be winning a contest of any kind if you did not enter it. Which clearly means the Nigerian, Jamaican lotteries or phony contest is not going to add millions of dollars to your accounts.
  • There are no such expenses as; transfer charges, advance tax fee, or any other kind of expenses for receiving the money you have already won.
  • Online contests should always be treated with caution. There are few legal web-based outlets for selling lottery tickets in the US, and other countries but even those sites are questioned due to being similar to known but unrelated scams.
  • Ticket scam is another common threat, especially for largely desired sports events or sold-out concerts or theater performances. Beware of such fake messages that claim you have won tickets to exclusive such events.

Job Scam Fraud Investgation Services

In case you haven’t encountered a job scam (employment scam) through private email or Linked In or elsewhere, you are about to. These scams seem believable due to fake and stolen content from Glassdoor, Linked In, company Websites information. You can always keep yourself a step ahead keeping these points in mind:

  • Use the Internet to research about the company and conduct basic searches on various portals to check the reputation of the company.
  • Use LinkedIn to contact other employees of the hiring company. It's a good practice, and they might point out to you that their hiring process works differently, and they will surely appreciate the heads up that a scammer is fouling their good name.
  • Sometimes, it appears like they are real LinkedIn people from the stated company? Look close to their email address, [email protected] is likely not checking [email protected].
  • They might be referring to an actual position at an actual company that you can see, making it seem legitimate, then over the course of conversation treat it like a contract position, worse yet one that requires you to buy equipment that they'll send you a check for.
  • Does the offer seem too good to be true. It probably is! Take a hike, Mate!
  • They only want to talk over text-based chat? You know where this will head to.

Documentation Fraud Investigation & Prevention Services

Document fraud is basically counterfeiting, altering, any document like passports, cheques, university transcripts, permits, licenses, etc. to change the information and use it for potential gains. These unauthorized modifications dodge the laws and present a false picture altogether. Also, this is considered as a criminal activity.

Submitting false/altered documents or lie to the immigration is a serious crime which in other words is also called "misrepresentation".

Document fraud can involve false or altered documents, for example:

  • Passports or travel documents
  • Visas
  • Educational degrees (Diplomas, degrees, high school certificates)
  • Certificates of marriage, birth, divorce, separation, or death
  • Police clearance certificates

If someone lies on the application form or in front of Immigration officers during the interviews, this is also counted as a serious crime. If someone sends fake documents/information, the concerned authority will not only refuse the application but will also take necessary actions against the fraudster. The immigration authority can ban the culprit to enter the country or put charges of crime, may also take permanent residency. We are working with our expert team and wide network to watch for document frauds. Document fraud is the third largest criminal industry in the world, pushing organizations to adapt appropriate mechanisms such as data checks, document examination/authentication, electronic stamps etc.

We can assist you with every document that needs validation. What you need is a verification solution and that is best provided by us. Solutions such as:

  • Document examination
  • Data Verification
  • Secure QR Codes
  • Verification with the concerned authorities are

Few ways through which document frauds can be stopped. There are many ways to solve this but if in the end user finds anything difficult to use, they will simply not use it routinely and the fraud will continue.

Marriage Fraud Investigation Services

There have been many cases where immigrant visas that are approved based on marriage to a United States citizen every year, about 30% of which are fraudulent, according to 2006 Immigration and Customs Enforcement data. This clearly shows that thousands of people in America/Canada are marrying someone they don’t love, for citizenships. This is a practice under American law is known as marriage fraud. The crime is also called "convenience marriage" and the crime is punishable upto five years in prison and the culprit can be fined for $250,000.

Did you just met someone from another country on the internet or while travelling abroad?

Some people think marriage to a USA/Canadian citizen will be their ticket to States or Canada. We advise you to think carefully before marrying someone and sponsor them to come to home country, especially if

  • In case you have just met
  • The foreigner wants to get married quickly
  • She/he is married or had a common-law relationship many times before
  • If the person hasn’t shared much information about their family or background

As per the local Canadian laws, the sponsor has to give the spouse financial support for 3 years even in case, the marriage/relationship fails. Sponsorship is also a legal contract with the Government of Canada and these terms are to be duly read and understood by the sponsor. Also, in case the spouse is seeking social assistance, the sponsor has to repay the money and also it is not allowed for him to sponsor anyone else until the sponsor settles the debt.

It is a serious crime in books of law of Canada, if a foreign national is marrying a Canadian citizen only for his/her entry to Canada.

However, our verification officers are well trained to recognize real immigration applications and identify any red flags. They have the complete know how of identifying false marriages. They use many ways to spot marriage fraud, including:

  • Document verification
  • Address visit for enquiries
  • Interview with sponsor and applicant
  • Verification of personal details through family members on both sides
  • Thorough investigation process to identify marriage fraud

In case, a local citizen or the applicant is found in a marriage of convenience for immigration purposes, may be charged with criminal charges.

Extortion & Threat Scam Investigation Services

The scammers may send threatening emails or make calls to pressurize and make you believe the story. Malware scammers send emails to different email ids and social media messages to random targets with links and interesting relatable stories. If the person clicks on the link it may take you to a fake website which might look promising but will be having a malware. For example: to view a video, you will be asked to install codec software, to run the video file. If you download the software and run the .exe file, your computer will be infected with malware (malicious software). In some cases, clicking on the link in the email too is enough for the scammers. After all this, the scammers will contact you to help you get out of the problem in exchange of thousands of dollars to restore your files and remove the malware.

Threat scams to pay handsome amount of money; the scammers will send you email and call you to pay immediately to avoid the arrest, due to the websites you visited in the past etc. Scammers can also send emails claiming that you owe money for things like a speeding fine, tax office debt, and unpaid bill or as a bribe to shut down the case. For an instance, I recently had such an email from CIA threatening me for the websites I browsed lately, and I was on the list of 100 individuals on which the arrest orders have been issued. In the email itself, I was asked to pay USD 10,000 to get my name out of that list.

We can advise you to not respond to any such texts or emails. Once they have a response from you, the scammers will escalate their intimidation and will attempt to get your money.

It is better to not use any contact number provided by the caller. You can always verify their identity by calling the relevant organization (which the scammer said they represent). Try finding them through an independent source such as online database, organization etc. Never share your credit/debit card, internet banking details or any kind of personal information to anyone you don’t trust, neither by email or over the call.

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