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Online Brand Protection Service in India

Our IP investigators are offering best Brand Protection Services in India from years and it is one of our core strengths. We always say to our clients that brand protection is as important as brand promotion. Our Brand Protection investigators in India offer tailored online brand protection services to meet the particular vulnerable situation that is in hand. We can proudly mention that we are the best brand protection company in India because of our successful track record in the past.

Brand protection is directly associated to GREVESGROUP® i.e. a provider of full spectrum of IP Rights protection services for trademark owners and brand professionals. Our strong network enables us to consistently serve and work for many Law Firms, IP attorneys, and Trademark Mark attorneys all over the Globe. We have been fighting against counterfeiting, piracy, infringement, and duplicity from past couple of decades; and have experience which is unmatched.

We are also leading the professional field of online brand protection for nearly two decades now. We provide end to end customer support and brand protection solutions which help the brand owners. To keep an eye on the increasing attempt of Intellectual Property violations ranging from trademark infringements to patent and design violations or online brand infringements etc. Our strong country spread network of best brand protection investigators, IP rights consultants comes with relevant expertise, high skills and experience in the same field. This is the reason why we are considered as the best brand protection company in India.

We have assisted various international clients from US, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. We also have our partners and associates spread all over the World covering even the remotest locations. We have our partners and associates in Asia, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. We also have physical presence in Dubai, UAE and New Delhi, India and other cities in India. We assure you of best in class services through Brand Protection investigators in India.

Brand Protection Services in India is provided best by us as we have proven resources accompanying them are; best in class brand protection investigators and intelligence team. If your brand is tarnished through fraud, piracy and counterfeit it can affect irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. This is why GREVESGROUP offers brand protection services that aim to maintain the reputation and quality of your reputation and brand.

We all know that brand is an intangible asset which cannot be protected by keeping it in a locked vault. The methods of protecting a brand are quite different and should be known to every brand owner. Such as we do offer; Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations, Grey Market Investigations, Trademark Infringement investigations, market surveys, IPR enforcement services etc. Our team of Brand protection in India understands your requirements and provides tailored services for best and effective results. Failure to put a stop on infringers/counterfeiters in the market will not just harm the revenues of the company but also tarnish the reputation of your brand.

A timely identification of the misuse of your brand significantly increases the chances to takedown the infringing activities by the infringer through brand protection team in India. We always mention this due to the fact that when an infringer who is using a brand or mark for a long time is more likely to resist to give up the use of questioned mark as compared to the other infringer who has recently started using the mark. We are here to help you prevent violation of Intellectual Property Rights with our Brand Protection Services in India. Brand protection investigator in India comes with a vast experience of more than two decades providing effective and faster IP Verifications and intelligence services across the globe.

We offer brand protection service all across India, both online and offline (on field). We all know India is a huge market flooded with organized and unorganized sector. Obviously, the unorganized sector is not regulated which makes it easier for them to illegally use someone else’s intellectual property; trademarks, trade dress similar to popular brands. Usually these products are supplied to a limited geographical area which makes it difficult to be discovered easily. Our experience of brand protection in India is appreciated by all our clients. We have the best track record of supplying potential Intel, efficient information to the local authorities and police. This helps them to take the relevant actions on the infringers as quickly as possible.

We undertake all matters related to Brand Protection Services in India right from IP Rights Investigations, IP Rights Enforcement Actions, IP Rights Online Monitoring Services etc.

Our aim is to provide relevant and factual information which is productive and beneficial to our clients in brand protection and eliminating infringers. For any query related to brand protection in India or to know more about best Brand Protection Company in India, write us at [email protected].

We assure you of most effective Brand Protection Services in India.

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