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Geographical Indication Investigations

GREVESGROUP® is providing you the protection of Geographical indication (GI) marks in professional & discreet manner. According to commercial potential, protection of Geographical Indication (GI) assumes enormous significance. Without suitable protection, the competitors who do not have any legitimate rights on the GI might ride free on its reputation. Such unfair business practices result in loss of revenue for the genuine right-holders of the GI and also misleads consumers. Moreover, such practices may eventually hamper the goodwill and reputation associated with the GI.

Protection of Geographical Indication (GI) has, over the years, emerged as one of the most contentious IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) issues in the realm of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). TRIPS defines GI as any indication that identifies a product as originating from a particular place, where a given quality, reputation or other characteristics of the product are essentially attributable to its geographical origin. Also a geographical indication (GI) gives exclusive right to a region (town, province or country) to use a name for a product with certain characteristics that corresponds to their specific location.

Geographical indications are protected in accordance with international treaties and national laws under a wide range of concepts, including:

  • Special laws for the protection of geographical indications or appellations of origin
  • Trademark laws in the form of collective marks or certification marks
  • Laws against unfair competition
  • Consumer protection laws, or
  • Specific laws or decrees that recognize individual geographical indications

GREVESGROUP® protects registered names against any misuse, imitation or evocation, even if the true origin of the product is indicated or if the protected name is translated or accompanied by an expression such as style, type, method, as produced in, imitation or similar; essential qualities of the product, on the inner or outer packaging, advertising material, packing of the product in a container liable to convey a false impression as to its origin and the commercial use of a registered name in respect of products not covered by the registration if they are comparable to the products registered under that name or if this use exploits the reputation of the protected name.

In essence, unauthorized parties may not use a geographical indication in respect of products that do not originate in the place designated by that indication. Applicable sanctions range from court injunctions preventing the unauthorized use to the payment of damages and fines or, in serious cases, imprisonment.

We are offering a protection of one of the growing field according to the relevance of geographical indications. We are always on your service for the complete protection. We continuously strive to help our clients and our aim is to provide a consistently high standard of service at competitive compensations ensuring value for money. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our IPR services you may inquire on [email protected].

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