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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Risk investigation is a fact finding exercise conducted by experienced corporate due diligence and risk management companies having expertise in these fields. The objective of corporate investigation is to get to the core of problems arising in one’s business, trade or profession. These are such areas which do not generally come in the purview of state run investigation agencies. Corporate investigation however does not deal with sensitive subjects like investigation related to heinous crimes which are the exclusive subjects of state run agencies like Police.
GREVESGROUP® team puts to use both public and private resources including public databases. Private sources may include enquiries conducted within a closed group. The investigation includes physical verification from state agencies and government departments, as per the need of the particular case.
It is the convention of the service to be conducted abroad of civil/judicial/extra judicial/commercial documents. This treaty was adopted in 15 November 1965 by member states of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. The main aim of this treaty is to provide reliable and efficient means of serving the documents living/based in another country.
The judgment is enforceable in the country where documents are served. For examples, a Judgment given by a USA court is enforceable in India, if the process is served under the Hague Convention, for a case filed in a USA court.
Whereas, Informal Process Service / Personal Service include less delays, as the completion of the service is faster. Typically, it also costs less. The judgment is also enforceable judgment in the home country.
Yes, GREVESGROUP® takes pride in its expanded international presence. It has a vast and well-knit network of group associates and investigators which makes it convenient for GREVESGROUP® to render its services in many countries.
Yes, the presence of group associates all over the world makes it possible for GREVESGROUP® to render services at the same time in many countries. The assignments can be executed simultaneously even in the remote locations of the world.
Licensing requirements are not common in all parts of the world. However, wherever such requirements exist, our investigators are duly licensed to operate and also possess the requisite qualifications.
GREVESGROUP® operates through a network of group associates and network partners. Many of the GREVESGROUP® international partners are trusted and reputed international risk management companies operating in their respective domains and are capable of rendering the highest quality risk management and corporate investigation services in their respective domains.

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