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26 September 2019

Platinum Plus sponsor in International Trademark Association (INTA) workshop at Hotel Leela Palace, New Delhi, India

GREVESGROUP® participated in the International Trademark Association (INTA) workshop held on 25th September 2019 at hotel Leela Palace, New Delhi, India. We also sponsored the event. The event, which was graced by the presence of INTA president Mr. David Lossignol, INTA CEO Mr. Etienne Sanz de Acedo and several other noted personalities from various industries and law firms. The theme of the event was ‘’Made In India: Evolving Trends In Brand Protection”.

The day-long event witnessed speakers enlightening the attendees on various pertinent subjects like Emerging Trends in Trademark Protection and Litigation in India, The Need for National IPR Center in India and Artificial Intelligence etc. The event offered excellent opportunities to its participants to interact with each other and enhance business relationships.

19 September 2019

IP Enforcement Action related to household cleaning brand in Bharuch, Gujarat, India

GREVESGROUP®'s enforcement team in Bharuch, Gujarat successfully completed a criminal raid on the counterfeiters of our client’s product related to household cleaning. The enforcement action was preceded by an intensive investigation, surveillance and observation of the target entity by our team of investigators. Thereafter, our team in conjunction with local police authorities, conducted the criminal raid which resulted in the seizure of counterfeit items in sizeable quantity. Photographs of the raid action are attached.Read More

22 August 2019

Multiple Raids in Delhi, Agra, Ludhiana and Chennai related to duplicate salt brand

GREVESGROUP® carried out multiple raids in several regions to weed out the counterfeiting of salt of a popular brand. These enforcement actions resulted in successful seizure of huge quantities of the duplicate salt in various cities Delhi, Agra, Ludhiana and Chennai.

These raids on one hand have benefited the original manufacturing company while on the other hand they have also been of tremendous service to the consumers in general as unaware public buys the salt thinking it to be original whereas unscrupulous counterfeiters put health of people at risk by their illegal and sinister designs.

Attached photographs show these enforcement actions in various cities in different parts of the country.Read More

10 August 2019

IP Enforcement Action related to large multinational conglomerate brand in Delhi and Haridwar, India

In a recent enforcement action in Delhi and Haridwar, our teams conducted simultaneous enforcement actions on entities indulging in trademark infringement of a popular consumer product of a large multinational conglomerate. The entities were manufacturing and selling the deceptively similar consumable item which can easily confuse the customer to think that it was genuine product of the original manufacturer. During enforcement action, large quantities of the infringing product and packaging material were seized from both the locations.Read More

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