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Corporate Investigators in South America

GREVESGROUP®, one of the largest groups is having its online presence all over the world. This is one of the most well-liked group having its partners and associates in South American region. Which includes the countries like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Falkland Islands.

The prime goal of our group is to make the world together in an objective to provide the possibilities of getting the corporate investigations and detective services in South American nations. Today, our group is present all over the places for providing the highest number of investigations and detective services for corporate houses, individuals and businesses. We have even opened the doors for those who want to get the effective solution of personal, domestic or family problems. Today, it is possible for all to have the quick access of our proficient and skilled professionals who are available to provide 24x7 services for assisting you in every possible matter by extending the best services. We are providing following investigation services:

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation
  • Third-Party Due Diligence Services
  • Corporate Background Screening
  • Corporate Record Research Investigation
  • Pre-Post Employment Screening
  • Competitive Intelligence Investigation
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement Investigation
  • Trademark/Copyright Watch Notice Services
  • Mystery Shopping Services for Customer Experience, Process Compliance & Audit
  • O2O Investigations in South America
  • O2O(Online to Offline) Brand Protection Services in South America
  • IP Enforcement Actions
  • Trademark Sale, Trademark Purchase, Trademark Liaising Services
  • Domain Sale/Purchase Services
  • Parallel Trade Investigation
  • Grey Market Investigation
  • Branding Competition Analysis
  • Online Brand Protection Services
  • International Online Sample or Test Purchase Services
  • Brand/Trademark Reputation Analysis
  • Trademark & Domain Acquisition
  • Geographical Indication Mark Investigation
  • Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Death Claim Verification
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Medical Claim Investigation
  • Property Claim Investigation
  • Legal Services or Process Servers
  • Personal Process Service
  • Specialized Investigation Services for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and their Family Offices

Our group always attempts to understand the primary needs of those who have the interest to find the trustworthy and reliable investigative source which can effectively measure the gravity of problems and offer the quality solution and genuinely, we have got the best planners, researchers and operators in South American countries who are quite competent to understand the vitality of problem and deliver the excellent solution in every attempt. Our motives are to set the marginal cost of our services so that you are not burdened in using our sophisticated services.

We have the realization that present problems are not having any particular area or a kind. So only, people are likely to have the confrontation with numerous problems where the possibility of getting a solution falls well below the hopes, but our operator have the niche and devotion to keep all hopes alive which motivates them to be very dedicated in finding a correct solution of a problem. This way, we are able to win over the trust and confidence of people in our services. Your motivational support has always assisted us in inventing the new ways to serve you as per your discretion.

Consequently, we have come up with wide variety of investigation which can deliver the perfect solution of major problem.

We hold the competency to deliver the immediate solution of entire problem. Our investigators to serve you better on Corporate Risk Investigations, IP Rights Investigation & Protection Services, Background Screening, Skip Tracing, Insurance Claim Investigations and Process Services.

For getting the best support of our investigators or for knowing more about us, please feel free to contact us on [email protected].

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