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Computer Forensic Investigation Services

Computer forensic is a leading defence in the corporate world's armory against cyber crime. Computer forensics involves the preservation, identification, extraction and documentation of computer evidence stored as data or magnetically encoded information. Electronic evidence and information gathering have become central issues in an increasing number of conflicts and crimes. GREVESGROUP®'s computer forensic experts for cyber crime are well experienced and help you out in the cases as follows:

  • Financial fraud
  • Sabotage of data and networks
  • Theft of proprietary information
  • System penetration from the outside and denial of service
  • Unauthorized access by insiders and employee misuse of internet access privileges

Our experts in computer forensics instruct our clients how to secure their data. By analyzing the server and terminal data, our experts will separate and keep the evidence intact which might reveal the methods and identities of individuals responsible for fraud, embezzlement and criminal or inappropriate conduct.

Our computer forensic experts are able to provide the following extended services :

  • Analysis of computer and data in criminal investigations
  • On-site seizure of computer data in criminal investigations
  • Analysis of computers and data in civil litigation
  • On-site seizure of computer data in civil litigation
  • Analysis of company computers to determine computer activity
  • Computer forensics on both PC and MAC platforms
  • Court-recognized computer expert witness testimony

GREVESGROUP® computer forensic experts greatly facilitate the services to our clients. To obtain more comprehensive information relating to a specific forensic computer investigation, you may inquire online by Email.

Our computer forensic experts greatly facilitate the services to our clients. We continuously strive to help you to provide a consistently high standard of service and understand the extensive enquiries related to the corporate sector. We discuss all the issues in complete confidential manner which is also included non disclosure agreement where necessary. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our Corporate Investigation Services you may inquire on [email protected].

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