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Discreet Test Purchases

Using realistic pretexts our agents and investigators do the test purchases personally in realistic situations, whether it is via phone or online (Web Shop) or offline depending on the method of the sale.

We specialize in online/offline Bulk test purchases as well. We are always available with our wide range of O2O investigation services and are well capable to approach the suspected seller with a discreet business identity for Test purchases. Our team can be of assistance with multiple buyer identities so that a single seller at different platforms does not recognize the buyer and supply regular goods. Physical test purchases can also be conducted successfully from our agents directly from warehouses/companies. We have ample experience in conducting both online/offline test purchases.

Our reports are clear with high quality photographs which ensure that all the key indicators/serial numbers/engravings of the products are captured and are clearly visible in the photo. As we have various front companies for different industries that have authentic looking email addresses, websites and telephone numbers, we are well capable to make discreet and safe speedy test purchases. We make sure the evidence is legally obtained and is usable in the court of law. We thereafter forward the products directly to the client’s office.

Our agents are available in more than 100 countries and can conduct physical test purchases in a discreet manner as suggested by client. Physical test purchase may include, photograph of the shop or warehouse location, photos of the product and other relevant photos as required. Our agents are well capable of conducting site visits and conduct market research regarding the target product as well, which helps the client to know if the product is on sale in the market or not and if yes, the quantity of sale and stock available in shops. We have been conducting online/offline mystery shopping services from years now and have ample experience of acquiring a test product from any seller worldwide. Our multiple identity techniques for each case help us with various options and further communication helps us build trust on the seller.

We document the purchases with detailed reports, enclosing photos, video and voice recordings, copies of emails and screenshots etc. Our reports will help you examine the products and their quality. Upon instructions from our clients we dispose the products or forward it to them as per their requirements. All of our IP test purchases / bulk purchases are conducted within agreed fees in advance.

We support our customers without existing investigative support through the support of local investigations, surveillance etc. using these methods, it is possible to verify online anti-counterfeiting intelligence and build strong cases for raids and litigation procedures. Based on the expert input from our in-house intellectual property investigators and brand protection analysts, we assist clients prioritize and strategize for actions. Our reports contain detailed recommendations on the most effective actions that can be taken against actors worldwide.

Feel free to reach us with any of your Online and offline Test Purchase related queries across the globe and we shall be more than happy to assist you. You may write to us at [email protected].

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