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Hospitality Industries

Clearly, not all hotels are the same, and nor do all hotel guests have the same expectations.

The expectations of a hotel guest will typically be determined by the following factors (as applicable):

  • The reputation of the hotel
  • The price that the guest is charge

Regardless of the quality of any hotel, it is generally the case that a number of the hotel employees will exhibit the most attentive, efficient and courteous stance only while in the presence of a senior manager or director (yet a manager or director's work priorities will dictate that he or she can spend only limited time working time with the staff).

Unchecked, the majority of your staff will perform well, both in your presence and your absence; however, the conduct of just one careless or disrespectful receptionist, bartender, or waiter can turn a guest's positive experience into a source of long-term negative feedback.

The focus of our hotel service evaluations therefore will (unless you instruct us otherwise) be upon the conduct of your staff while in the hotel (whether on or off duty). Depending upon your requirements, we will monitor the conduct of your staff from the stance of either a Mystery Guest or, where required, through Infiltration.

Aspects of staff conduct reported on will encompass:

  • Reception
  • Concierge
  • Housekeeping
  • Room Service
  • Bars, Restaurants, Gym and Shops

While staff conduct within the hotel will form the core of any report we make to you, our evaluation reports will usually report on the following aspects (as applicable):

  • Reservation process (online)
  • Reservation process (telephone)
  • Hotel grounds, gardens and exterior
  • Internal fixtures and fittings
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Compliance Issues


Attending your hotel - ostensibly as bona-fide guests, we will undertake surveillance and generate same day reports. Depending on the profiles required, our attendance can be conducted by a single business person, a couple, or as a family group.

The focus of the reports produced for you will be determined by your requirements. Please view our Mystery Guest Reports page for details of how we document our findings.

Our agents can adopt a low key profile and discreetly monitor points of sale and cash handling practices, or evaluate standards of service.

Conversely, should you require, agents can consciously adopt a more 'hard-to-please' stance for the purpose of testing the professionalism and integrity of your employees.

Agents attending hotels as mystery guests may carry micro video cameras and recording equipment and any other necessary surveillance equipment for the purpose of capturing evidence of internal theft - unless the client company instructs us otherwise.

Covert monitoring and recording equipment will be used only with the express permission of the client; it will not be used for any purpose other than for capturing instances of theft, fraud or other crime unless the client instructs us to the contrary.

Please view Our Reports for details of how we document our findings.

Please note that we do not service pubs, bars or shops, unless their operation is ancillary to, or incorporated within a hotel. If you have a requirement for a Mystery Shopper project in any such establishment, please address your enquiry to Greves.

Our Reports

Whatever the subject matter - whether it be a witness statement providing evidence of internal theft; or a narrative explaining some dissatisfactory aspect of fixtures and fittings - our reports will present the client with so much more than some bland and difficult to quantify 'tick-a-box' format.

We can of course - where required - use such a 'tick-a-box' format, but this format will be as a means to an end, and not an end in itself; our findings - and hence our reports, will, in every case, be supported by (as applicable):

  • Covertly captured photographic evidence
  • Covertly captured audio and video evidence

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