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Parallel Trade Investigations

GREVESGROUP® has a vast experience in assisting our clients to identify the source of diverted product and illegal internal activity. Parallel trade is the resale of a product by a wholesaler in a market other than that intended by the manufacturer. One of its consequences is that manufacturers may be prevented from price discriminating between markets that have different willingness to pay for the product in question.

We investigates the policy implications of parallel trade in a particular field in which manufacturers invest in product quality, and have the possibility to develop different quality variants of their goods. We also consider the possibility that the authorities may impose price caps and compulsory licensing.

We have conducted investigations in most industries that have gray market issues and have assisted brand owners by gathering evidence to allow the client to resolve their internal and external issues. Some of the methods which are followed when conducting these investigations are as follows:

  • Identifying the supply chain from the end seller to the source, to gather evidence against the manufacturers to initiate legal or other remedies.
  • We make trap purchases or collect samples together with offers to supply to use as evidence.
  • We conduct market surveys to highlight specific problems in the market place.
  • We use forensic analysis of products and packaging to assist with investigations.
  • We provide evidence for seizure and destruction orders of infringing products.

We can assist the client with choosing and liaising with local lawyers in tough areas where they do not usually have any IP expertise. We continuously strive to help our clients and our aim is to provide a consistently high standard of service at competitive compensations ensuring value for money. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our IPR services you may inquire on [email protected].

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