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Retail Industries

The retail industry is losing substantial amount of money on external and internal theft. The solution to this problem is to employ experienced investigator who are very knowledgeable in the art surveillance and also with retail environment. We are dedicated in providing loss prevention services that fit the needs of our clients in order to successfully tackle your unique needs. We offer the traditional method of loss prevention by sending well experienced plainclothes investigators to walk the store floor. Our company is also committee to developing many innovative methods, such as CCTV instillation and monitoring that will ensure results that may not be possible with traditional method. In order to implement these innovative methods, we use up-to-date technology available for this industry. Whether you are a big retail chain or a small retail company and you are in need of loss prevention services, we had the solution. We will create a plan that will meet both your budgets as well as your expectations.

Our investigators receive extensive training and work experience in various types of retail environments. Whether your business involves giftware, shoes, groceries, hardware, electronics, clothing or a combination of all, our investigators have the skills to serve you.

We have built our reputation for handling the diverse needs of our clients with cost effective methods. We approach retail investigative matters with the determination to satisfy our clientele needs and act intensely to solve all investigations. Our cases have a higher success-rate due to our investigators' unique method of approach. Our investigators receive up-to-date training frequently in order to rise above our competitors. This gives our investigators the edge to present our clients with results that cannot be obtained with many other companies.

Our Investigators consistently obtain results and are highly cost effective. We have investigators able to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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