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IPR Online/Offline Test Purchases

There are several reasons why a test purchase makes sense. It could be that the brand owner wants to buy one of his own products from the markets and thoroughly test it. Or, you may need information on the source of the product, condition/genuineness, info on seller, because you suspect counterfeiting or theft.

For a test purchase to look normal, we have well-trained and experienced test buyers who have been conducting test purchases globally.

We provide rapid response for sample purchase requests and signage photographs throughout India and other Asian countries. We have vast experience of discreetly purchasing products for our clients to use as evidence or just for their personal knowledge against counterfeiting. At the time of making these purchases of samples, we often find out much more information about the target company which can lead us to manufacturers sometimes.

Our test purchasing service is extensive, we operate through our global test purchase network and regularly conduct transactions from various online shopping portals and trading platforms. We also liaise with traders and purchase suspected infringing products directly through famous social media platforms.

We usually use regular accounts to make these purchases so that no suspicion is raised. Our front individuals have their physical addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, websites, email addresses, credit cards, bank accounts and cheque books. We have many different ways to make purchases and keep our real identity for our actual client.

We make sure of documenting important parts such as; order details, payment receipts, photographs of the product, copy of invoice etc. All the required information related to the test purchase conducted is shared via the final report. We provide complete customized services to our clients and proceed as per your requirements.

The client would first like to review the products through digital report only and thereafter if required they instruct to mail the product to them for examination. In other cases, the clients sometimes, wants us to return the product to the website/seller, thereafter we do the needful and initiate the returns and follow up for the refunds. The refund/returns depend on the website/seller policies.

We assure you that our operators are well experienced in conducted discreet sample purchases across the globe as we have feet on ground in most regions. As mentioned earlier, besides gathering physical or experiential evidence, we provide a fully-documented report with all the salient details. We have trained investigators who can pose as everyday regular customers and make test purchases anywhere in the world, in person or online without arousing suspicion. We do have expertise in conducting online test purchases globally as per client’s requirements.

We have been serving clients from various industries for online test purchases such as; health products, eyewear, toys, health supplements, electronics, etc.

We continuously strive to help our clients and our aim is to provide a consistently high standard of service at competitive compensations ensuring value for money.

To obtain more comprehensive information related to our online test purchases and IP protections services you may drop us an email at [email protected].

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