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Corporate Risk Investigation Solutions

Retail Industries

The retail industry is losing substantial amount of money on external and internal theft. The solution to this problem is to employ experienced investigator who are very knowledgeable in the art surveillance and...

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Banks & Financial

Is your legal, collections or credit staff involved in the recovery of your judgments, and needing assistance in researching your debtors? Our state-of-the-art Asset Search Packages provide all the...

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Business Thefts

Don't be a victim of corporate crime. As money is getting harder and harder to come by in today's economy honest staff members are getting more and more tempted to take advantage of your trust...

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Corporate HR Issues

There are many services that GREVESGROUP® can offer human resources departments. GREVES,consults with HR professionals in the organization to solve issues in an effective and confidential manner. The...

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Hospitality Industries

Clearly, not all hotels are the same, and nor do all hotel guests have the same expectations. The expectations of a hotel guest will typically be determined by the following three factors...

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Legal Industries

The Professional Detective & Investigation Service to the Legal Profession, we are dedicated to providing lawyers with a fully comprehensive and specialist investigation, enquiry and process service...

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Skip Tracing

There are many reasons people go missing, whether it is a relative, friend, old flame, runaway child, a debtor, witness or beneficiary, we understand the frustration and anguish involved in not knowing...

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