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Services for High Net Worth Individuals & Family

We here at GREVESGROUP® help you mitigate the risks attached with wealth and prominence by using specialized strategies and technology to make your lifestyle and privacy convenient affairs.

Your wealth and status in the society should make you proud but at the same time, you also attract unwanted attention of harmful elements which unfortunately co-exist in the same society. You must take all necessary security measures to ensure the safety of your near & dear one through our specialized services for high net worth individual(HNI). There are many circumstances where High-Net-Worth Individuals and their Family Offices faced various type of issues and problems, we've listed few problems of High-Net-Worth Individuals and Family Offices. Common Issues Faced by HNWIs and Family Offices. You may think that the security would result in intrusion and restrictions but a professional HNW security specialist knows how to preserve and enhance your privacy & freedom without intruding upon your lifestyle.

GREVESGROUP® provide specialized investigation services to Family Offices and expert advice to High Net Worth individuals to implement correct security strategies to mitigate the risks of all kinds to themselves and their families. We devise methodologies which are custom-made as per the specific requirement of HNW individuals and families. This is done through accurate profiling of anticipated risks to them. Our high net worth individual security professionals are best in class and have been providing class leading high net worth security services.

We provide following services to Ultra HNWI, High Net Worth individuals and their families:

  • VIP and close protection, including trained security drivers
  • Advice regarding security at residences, offices and other premises used or visited
  • Specific briefings and individual assessments for family members
  • Internal and sensitive investigation of any concerns faced by individuals or families
  • IT security for all individuals, family and business interests, including PDAs, smartphones and tablet computers such as iPads
  • Selection and vetting of all staff
  • Due diligence on all potential business deals and partners
  • Crisis management
  • Aviation and maritime security
  • Emergency response
  • Problem solving
  • Other services as required

Our HNW professionals have been a part of intelligence, security, law enforcement, finance & accounting, management consulting and information technology teams. This helps them to analyze the oncoming threats and the best way to mitigate any kind of risks. We aim to reduce risks through preventive procedures by integrating security into clients’ lifestyles.

Our preventive services meet the demands of our High Net Worth clients.


We exercise a comprehensive and customized threat assessment of the risks that you and your family face and suggest best possible way to mitigate the risks. We take stock of the threat level by analyzing the amount of public exposure for you and your family, examining any previous security occurrences, interviewing employees and other persons who routinely interact with you. We then conduct on-site reviews of security measures at residences, offices and for travel. This review is followed by a written report that outlines the findings and recommends immediate corrective measures.


We will conduct thorough background check of financial partners, other corporate entities and potential employees.


Our expert HNWI security professionals will include one, single-bureau credit report with credit score, three-bureau continuous credit monitoring and recovery/restoration services for identity theft matters.


We provide a range of services to help ensure the integrity of information at home, in the office and while travelling around the world.


Our team of financial professionals can conduct fraud investigations and financial due diligence.


Our HNWI security experts will conduct a complete evaluation of existing security measures and can offer customized security system designs that match your lifestyle.


We offer security awareness training for clients and their staff. The comprehensive training includes instruction on identifying and avoiding potential threats and individual protective measures as well as defensive driving instruction.


While travelling domestically or internationally, we offer full range of services to mitigate the risk of travelling. We will assess your current safety plans, provide travel intelligence and train family members in the travel security.


Our professionals possess experience of law enforcement and military service and they provide executive protection locally as well as internationally. We assure you of best in class executive protection services from high net worth individual security professionals.


We help the clients in mitigating risk and protecting their families, physical property and other financial assets. We must remember notwithstanding the best of planning, a crisis can still occur. In such occurrence, you can rely on us to respond immediately with complete professionalism.


Our professionals can assess the risks posed by threat letters, e-mails, phone calls or any other mode of communication. After assessing the quantum of threat, we will investigate the risk it poses to you, identify the offender, and take proper police and legal action.


Issues like internal theft and misappropriation of property are some of the main issues that trouble many of our HNW clients. We conduct discreet, high-level internal investigations. We also provide high-level due diligence on potential business partners/entities, hedge fund managers and private investments. Our professionals are equipped to quickly restore safety and normalcy to the lives of our clients, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our experience in high net worth security means a deep understanding of the value of briefing and planning prior to deployment to ensure the early identification of threats is in place. As a high net-worth client making use of our security capabilities, you are assured of absolute peace-of-mind that our services are delivered by a discreet, professional team in full awareness international laws, cultures and traditions.

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