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GREVESGROUP® is a full-service private investigation and Risk Protection firm.
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About Us

GREVESGROUP®, a Professional Private Investigation and Risk Protection Group providing comprehensive investigative and intelligence services to their International clients like legal sector, Insurance sectors, Corporate sector, Fraud Examiners, In-house counsels, Financial Institutions and other private individuals in all over the Globe.

Our team of dedicated partners and on ground associates / resident investigators comprises of expert professionals and experienced investigators who strive to achieve the best results. Most of our partner / associates are former high level law enforcement officials, retired defense personnel or former police officials, who possess the necessary qualifications and licenses / permits wherever these are required to fulfil the necessary compliance laws and deliver on-ground services in the context of Globe.

Corporate Investigation Services
Corporate & Business Intelligence
Corporate Due Diligence Investigations
Fraud Investigations
Debt collection / mitigation services
IP Investigations Services
Counterfeiting / Infringement Investigations
Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patent Infringement Investigations
Intellectual Property Due Diligence
Verification and background screening Services
Employment Background Check
Skip Tracing Services

We maintain a network of correspondent offices and professional associates with its international associate/partner firms who are professional, well-established with extensive network, highly reliable & trustworthy and experienced to provide comprehensive investigative and intelligence services according to their respective locales. We provide Private investigation services throughout the World even in less accessible areas. Our international associates/partners cover all the regions which includes all over North America, South America, Caribbean islands, Middle East, European countries, United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific, Micronesia, Indian Ocean Islands, North and South Atlantic, Antarctica and African countries.

GREVESGROUP® diversified range of specialist skills has established our place in the industry and our range of intelligence services continues to grow by following trends, improving our standards, and listening to our clients needs. GREVESGROUP® is experienced in all kinds of personal, commercial and legal matters and has an approachable and friendly manner with the help of our local private investigators. Each business enquiry is dealt with a discreet, sensitive and understanding manner. Our team of dedicated partners and on ground associates / resident investigators ensures relevant results and we accomplish each assignment with fine skill, complete confidentiality and offer the highest order of professionalism. For further information on our services and for any of your investigation requirements, please contact us on info@grevesgroup.com.

We can guarantee that our personnel will treat you with respect and professionalism at all times and carry out all of your enquiries with dignity, respect and a total understanding of your need. We provide following private investigations services to the clients:

ABSENTEEISM AND SECONDARY OCCUPATIONS: Verification and documentation of violation of employment terms. ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION: The scientific process of investigating, analyzing and drawing conclusions to know the causes of an accident. ACTIVITY CHECKS: Verification of the activities of an injury claimant. ANTI SABOTAGE: Search and identification of the causes resulting in damage to industrial property or public image of an entity. ARSON AND FIRE LOSS INVESTIGATION: A thorough search of the causes culminating in arson and fire incidents, usually in an industrial unit. BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR ONLINE DATING: Preparatory work to know facts and figures for a crucial business meeting in person. BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: A reliable and business-oriented research into an organisation through internet and ground work. BANKRUPTCY DUE DILIGENCE INVESTIGATIONS: An authenticated analysis guiding future course of action for financial decisions. BLACKLISTING AND BLACKBALLING INVESTIGATIONS: Blackballing, or blacklisting investigation highlighting the adverse factors of an entity considered for merger or collaboration. BOMB THREATS AND DETECTION: Timely information on possible bomb threats and its detection by trained staff. BUSINESS INFORMATION AND DUE DILIGENCE: Information and records of any kind of a business entity, both in south Asian countries and overseas. CELLULAR FORENSIC: Chemical data that can be stored in a cell phone memory for physical harm. COMPETITIVE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: A classified business research which can be relied upon for trading activity, both at home and abroad. COMPUTER FORENSIC: A high technology leads to avert cyber crimes in IT industry. CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATIONS: Highly confidential enquiries resulting in amicable settlement of issues. COUNTER ESPIONAGE: Search and identification of violation of industrial secrets. COUNTER SURVEILLANCE: Search and identification of stalkers with mala-fide intentions. COUNTERFEITING CRIME: Investigation into sale of counterfeited goods on the part of manufacturers. COVERT SURVEILLANCE TAILING: Support to detect covert surveillance tailing through trained staff. CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS AND SEARCH: A statement of facts and figures of a criminal with background records. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION: An investigative report mentioning crimes of an individual or his affiliation with a known gang. DEBT RECOVERY AND COLLECTION: Debtor tracing, identification of attachable overt and covert assets, Recovery and Collection of debts. DISCRIMINATION CLAIMS INVESTIGATIONS: A scientific process of verification of statements, analysing the situation and drawing to prove/or reject discrimination. DRUG TESTING: Application of methods with access to using all intrusive and non-intrusive drugs over human body. DUE DILIGENCE INVESTIGATION (GENERAL): A certified disclosure of the financial state of affairs of an entity for purposes of its take-over or merger. EAVESDROPPING DETECTION (BUGS AND TAPS): Process of gaining accurate information b electronic tools. ELECTRONIC DISCOVERY SERVICES: Professional services coupled with electronic gadgets to discover complicated and unusual investigations. EMAIL TRACKING AND SMS TRACING: Application of Electronic tools to locate the addresses of E-mail and SMS senders. EMBEZZLEMENT INVESTIGATION: Ascertaining of the fraudulent appropriation by a person to his account. EMPLOYEE MALINGERING INVESTIGATION: To know about your employees of taking time off or misusing workers compensation. EMPLOYEE MISCONDUCT INVESTIGATION: To keep a check on employee misconduct. EMPLOYEE THEFT INVESTIGATIONS: An investigation to ascertain involvement of employees in thefts at their own Company's office, workshop etc. FINANCIAL AND ASSET INVESTIGATIONS: Identification and verification of company assets, ascertaining their financial value in terms of Balance Sheet and subjecting them to Forensic Auditing. FINANCIAL FRAUD INVESTIGATIONS: Identification of factors/employees for frauds affecting the company's financial condition. GENEALOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS: Tracing of south Asian ancestors and relatives. HIDDEN ASSETS INVESTIGATION: A scientific process to locate assets based on records and statements from authorised holders. HIDDEN ASSETS SEARCH (LOST OR FORGOTTEN): A scientific process to locate assets based on records from concerned authorities and statements of authorised persons. HOTEL AND TOURISM INDUSTRY INVESTIGATIONS: Enquiries carried out by investigators with hotel management experience. HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Investigation on your behalf utilizing its network of contacts of the trade. IDENTITY THEFT: Identity theft can rob you of your resources, smear your reputation, and leave you penniless. ILLEGAL COMPETITION: Production of documentary evidence pertaining to illegal or unethical competition in trade, industry or commerce. INSURANCE FRAUD INVESTIGATION: A scientific process to de-fabricate the fake identity of individual/transaction though a network of specialists. INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS: Verification of documents, witnesses and statements of the concerned parties. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: To detect the misuse of intellectual property and Copyright laws. INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS: International investigations conducted by our multilingual staff and through our global network of associates. LEGAL TRANSLATION: Certified translation of legal documents and interpretation to and from English by Court appointed Translators. MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS INVESTIGATION: A thorough check on the authenticity of claims over entity to be merged or acquired. MISSING PERSON TRACING: Tracing and tracking of missing persons in and outside the country. MISSING PERSONS: Tracing and tracking of missing persons in and outside the country. MOBILE PHONE AND PDA SEIZURES: Application of Digital Age technology for investigation. MONEY LAUNDERING INVESTIGATIONS: To detect the movement of money for known purposes and ascertain its eventual use, especially in funding of assets, property or under-the-table transactions. MYSTERY AND SECRET SHOPPER SERVICES: Providing a discreet and hassle-free service to your secret shopping requirements. MYSTERY CUSTOMER: Fake shopping to verify quality and correctness of retail and service businesses. OFFSHORE INVESTIGATIONS: Investigations in offshore corporate, financial and asset deals. ONLINE AUCTION FRAUD: To detect online fraud on the popular online auction sites through of network of off-shore dealers. ONLINE DEFAMATION INVESTIGATION: To keep track of activities resulting in defamation of company due to fake calls through Internet, smart phones etc. ORIGIN AND CAUSE INVESTIGATION: A step-by-step investigation by professionals to find out origin and cause. OTHER (PLEASE DESCRIBE): You name it, we can investigate it! PATENT, COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE INFRINGEMENTS: Search and identification of promoters and distributors of patent infringement organizations. POLYGRAPH AND LIE DETECTION FOR DOMESTIC PURPOSES: A high-quality Polygraph and Lie detection test by experts of the tradecraft. POLYGRAPH AND LIE DETECTION FOR EMPLOYEE PURPOSES: A certified screening for employees through Polygraph and lie detection test. POLYGRAPH AND LIE DETECTION FOR PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING PURPOSES: A certified pre-employment screening through Poly graph and lie detection test. PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING: Verification of background, curricula and references. PRESS SEARCHES: Search of press items related to persons or corporations. PROCESS SERVICE (all south Asian countries): A service by professionals for any productive process in regard to recruitment, training and termination of staff. PUBLIC INTEREST INVESTIGATIONS: An investigation to protect public interest. GREVES stands for integrity. REAL ESTATE FRAUD INVESTIGATIONS: A documentary investigation to find out the modus operandi for illegal acquisition of property. REAL ESTATE SERVICES: Property search and valuation, title and lien verification, document retrieval, tax planning. REPATRIATION SERVICES: Liaison with medical service providers, transport organization. SECURITY CONSULTING: An expert service for Human Resources, Facilities, Equipment, Materials, Operations etc. SEXUAL HARASSMENT CLAIMS: To find out the genuineness of claim or otherwise through discussion/meetings with concerned parties. STALKING AND HARASSMENT INVESTIGATIONS: A systematic surveillance to find out stalkers, causing harassment to the victim. STRIKE AND LABOUR UNREST: A follow-up of the situation leading to strike/unrest and the day-to-day changing causes. SUBSTANCE ABUSE INVESTIGATION: To find out substance abuse investigation is by way of regular monitoring system by experts of the tradecraft. SURVEILLANCE (GPS TRACKING): Carried out by a trained team of experts. SURVEILLANCE: Surveillance with video or photographic documentation. TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE COUNTERMEASURES: Counterintelligence techniques available for this purpose, depending upon the work. TENANT SCREENING: An important service in determining fitness of a prospective tenant. THREATS AND HARASSMENT: Search and identification of the authors of threats, harassment, blackmail and extortion. TRACING AND PROCESS SERVICE: Tracing of persons and certified delivery of legal documents. UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATIONS: A planned investigation to solve out the complex and difficult case, especially with involvement of employee into a crime. UNLICENSED AND UNETHICAL COMPETITION: Verification of unlicensed or unethical competition and identification of unlicensed organization promoters. VENDOR SCREENING INVESTIGATIONS: A complete check into the network of Vendors to provide full information WHITE COLLAR CRIME: A planned crime leaving least traces at the place of crime. WITNESS TRACING: Tracing of witnesses, interviewing and statement taking.

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