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Corporate Covert Surveillance Services

GREVESGROUP® have the appropriate photographic and communication equipment to professionally and effectively perform on the corporate covert surveillance. The surveillance investigator must obtain clear and identifiable photos or video images of the subject and the subject's actions. GREVESGROUP® can initiate a discreet enquiry including gathering of intelligence on any suspects, carrying out surveillance wherever required. We would also carry out a discreet in-depth investigation to determine details of individuals when suspects are not known.

There are many reasons why surveillance can be beneficial. The objectives of surveillance will vary from case to case, but are most often one or more of following:

Obtain information for a search or warrant
Locate a subject, contraband, or the site of illegal activities
Obtain intelligence about a subject, criminal group or location
Prevent a crime from occurring through covert or overt surveillance
Gather intelligence for a raid
Provide protection for informants, undercover individuals or others

Our unique and intelligent approach to each situation is both effective and cost efficient. From miniature pinhole cameras to high powered long range video cameras, GREVESGROUP® is equipped to handle all surveillance situations in all environments. Surveillance is GREVESGROUP®'s specialty. Our private investigators will combine experience, innovation, the latest equipment and technology to create the most effective service possible.

Specially equipped vehicles for stationary and moving surveillance, equipped with cellular telephones, pagers and two-way radios.

High Speed 35 mm cameras for subject identification, evidence documentation and accident scenes
Digital long-range video cameras
Body worn video cameras for covert surveillance operations
Infra-red cameras for night vision capabilities
Computer digitizing and copying of video images to incorporate still images of videotape evidence in our reports
Computerized, concise and professional investigative reports and accurate invoicing. Our reports are compiled in MS works format, and can be sent via secure E-mail, as well as to a CD

Covert surveillance is the observation of an individual from a hidden or unknown position to document the extent of a subject's physical activities. GREVESGROUP® utilizes industrial video equipment that will accommodate long range telephoto lenses for clear facial identification. The investigator operating the equipment will be appropriately trained.

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