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Employee Theft Investigation Services

Most of the owners and managers would like to think they have complete control over every aspect of their business but sometimes they are wrong. There is always something going on what they don't know. Unfortunately employee theft is a common occurrence in companies that often goes unnoticed for lengthy time periods, and sometimes may be completely undetected. Theft causes losses that reduce company profits, so assets need to be protected at all times. GREVESGROUP® investigates in discreet manner and suggests methods to control theft and we conduct corporate covert surveillance of employees that are under suspicion of actively committing theft.

According to our experience, sometimes there are several loopholes in the corporation which is not even recognized by high officials of the corporation, consequently:

  • The majority of employee thieves are never caught
  • Even if employers are apprehended, they will often go unpunished. Thus, there would be no existing record of their theft because they were not formally charged
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain information about prior employment because of private legislation

We investigate possible reasons why firms actually spend considerable resources trying to detect employee malfeasance.

We continuously strive to help you to provide a consistently high standard of service and understand the extensive enquiries related to the corporate sector. We discuss all the issues in complete confidential manner which is also included non disclosure agreement where necessary. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our Corporate Investigation Services you may inquire on [email protected].

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