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Hard to Find Info

GREVESGROUP® provides you the personal and public information of an individuals, businesses, and corporations which provides a wealth of knowledge and information in order to support key decisions for our client.

We can obtain the hard to find information you are searching for. Our advanced database system allows us to locate any person/business which includes Verifications of a license plate number, Driving license, Passport number, Telephone Number to get your information about the owner.

Our trained investigation team can obtain the hard information of phone ownership, or a listing of personal & business Informations, tracing of assets, vehicle Informations etc.

Located Persons/Skip trace

We have advanced computer databases to allow us to locate any individual. We can obtain an address and, if required the physically verification for the availability of the subject.

Asset Location

We can provide you the information of bank accounts, stock, bonds, real estate, motor vehicle ownership, etc., of any individual or business to locate their assets(Typical uses: Lawsuits, business purposes, security reasons, etc.)

Vehicle Information

We can run license plates or vehicle identification numbers for ownership and provide you with all information about the owner. (Typical uses: Asset location, judgments, security reasons, etc.)

Trade enquires in India

For import-export, you would be surprised to find that most exporters and importers in India don't have a website, and most are poor at best in e-mail. An investigation investment can save your lots of time and money, and improve your business efficiency substantially.

We have been providing the information to businesses which is needed to make informed decisions. Our capabilities are unmatched, we provide you with the key information you need for any business transaction, including:

  • An In-Depth Credibility Assessment of the Company and its Key Individuals
  • Court Record Searches
  • Credit and Financial Information
  • Organized Crime Inquiries
  • Physical Verification of Locations and Facilities
  • National and International Newspaper Indices

We continuously strive to help you to provide a consistently high standard of service and understand the extensive enquiries. We discuss all the issues in complete confidential manner which is also included non disclosure agreement where necessary. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our services you may inquire on [email protected].

We're offering brand protection & corporate investigation services

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