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International Medical Support Services

GREVESGROUP® Investigation promises is to give clients the information they need to make confident, educated decisions by utilizing sound investigative techniques and proven methodologies to uncover every available detail in even the most complex of claims. Our team of highly trained investigators works closely with our clients conducting insurance claims investigations in an effort to prevent fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, there are people in the world that look to take advantage of certain situations for their gain. At GREVESGROUP®, we use many investigation tactics to help insurance companies reduce their exposure to deceitful acts of the claimants.

GREVESGROUP® Claims Investigation Services include:

CTP Claims
General Insurance
Liability & Disability Claims
Life Claims
Travel & Medical
Workers' Compensation

The professional handling and successful investigation and interpretation of an insurance claim are one of the most important tasks undertaken by an insurance investigator.

Regardless of the nature of the claim, the complexity or exposure, GREVESGROUP® is well qualified to handle every facet of the investigation. Our vast network of professional investigators has been assisting insurers, TPA's and self insured corporations with their claims investigations.

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