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GREVES offers its services to private individuals, Import Export business houses. Corporate, organizations, and local and state governments around the world.

Clients trust GREVES to deliver effective, client-focused solutions within 7 days or less, for most cases. All services are discreet and confidential.

Whether you're an individual, business, attorney, or a local government, we can assist you with your international investigation needs. GREVES consists of professional investigators, agents and support staff around the world. Our international presence enables us to conduct leading background checks, surveillance and investigations with local expertise, in nearly any location. Professional field investigators provide clients with timely global services. In approaching international background checks and enquiries, few can rely on tried, trusted and tested contacts. This is vital to understand local affairs and arrive at a realistic set of options for the client to consider. As they are on the ground, of the same nationality, with a background in information gathering activity, contacts available to us are able to deliver advice best suited to the situation in their country. we enable our clients to make informed decisions, save time and money, uncover valuable information, and be protected from scams and fraud. GREVES operates All over world, offering competitive pricing, discreet global services, and leading private investigations. Contact us today.

GREVES offers investigation services at a global level. We are located in the New Delhi and provide comprehensive international investigative services to the corporate houses, law firms, insurance companies, financial and corporate communities and individuals and professionals through our international network of experienced investigators, information sources and resourceful contacts.

When a person or a corporation is trying to establish a business relationship abroad, professionally conducted due diligence is critical but also a very daunting task. This is also true on establishing the validly of an insurance claim or death certificate. GREVES has developed a vast network of highly vetted investigators around the globe allowing our clients a local Indian contact who can help resolve their international matters.

Whether you need information and research on vendors, outsourcing partners, physical inspection of locations, or due diligence on merger acquisition partners, GREVES is your cost-effective and accurate solution.

A brief listing of services offered is as follows:

Comprehensive Background Checks, Employment Verification, Social Security Number Verification, Green Card Verification, Employment Internal Theft Check, Fraud, Professional License Searches, Driving Records, County/State/Federal Criminal Search, Cold Case Investigations, Disability Fraud, Purchasing/Procurement Audits, Due Diligence, Merger and Acquisition Investigations, Foreign Driver License / Document Verification and Driving Histories, Insurance claims, Intellectual Property investigations, Counterfeit and Grey market product , Case specific investigations, Background investigations on potential partners and investors ONLINE DATING, FOREIGN BRIDES, MISSING PERSONS, PREMARITAL CHECK, INTERNET SCAMS, BUSINESS FRAUD, CRIMINAL RECORDS, PRE EMPLOYMENT, DUE DILIGENCE, CHEATING SPOUSE, CIVIL RECORDS, SURVEILLANCE,PROCESS SERVER

We have conducted successful investigations in all over world through our unparallel network of international investigators, contacts and sources.

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