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IPR Other Services

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS started to play an important role with industrialization and they have since become a key factor in the modern world of international trade and market-oriented economies. Industrialization and the growth of the system of the market-oriented economy allow competing manufacturers and traders to offer consumers a variety of goods in the same category.

In this context, GREVESGROUP® cover all the possible prospective in the field of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS for the best implication which can be useful in the betterment for protection of your IP RIGHTS.

We are always standing with you to protect your IP RIGHTS, for this reason we are also covering the area of:

  • IPR sample/test purchases
  • Service of cease and desist notice
  • IPR attorney services
  • Co-ordination and awareness campaigns
  • Vendor information
  • Attends training

We elaborate the all aspects of IPR field for the better protection. We continuously strive to help our clients and our aim is to provide a consistently high standard of service at competitive compensations ensuring value for money. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our IPR services you may inquire on [email protected].

We're offering brand protection & corporate investigation services

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