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Loss Prevention

GREVESGROUP® is providing you the loss prevention programme in which we help you to make new strategy to prevent loss which includes:

Internal Theft Deterrent Programs

These programs are for designed for multi unit retail businesses or franchise dealer retail operations. The programs provide a variety of unscheduled, impromptu types of audits and inspections where a senior member of our investigation team arrives to conduct refund audits, work in progress reports, warehouse inspections and more.

Retail Intelligence Operations

The retail division of The Investigators Group Inc. is able to provide undercover investigators that are trained in retail, merchandising and warehouse/distribution applications.

The key to successful undercover operations in the retail environment is an investigation "control" person who has a working knowledge of retail operations, language, hiring, training principles and standards.

Integrity Testing

The testing of retail staff, (cash handlers, sales associates, shippers etc) to identify theft and refund manipulations. These types of tests are conducted discreetly and provide the owner/manager with an accurate, unbiased report of what is occurring in the store when they are not always able to be observing. Our cashier testing programs deliver detailed reports on exactly how the transaction was handled, (video recorded when necessary) and at the clients discretion, can be followed up with a cashier meeting, presented by a senior investigator, at a time of day that does not conflict with store operations.

Covert Camera Installations

Specific applications and investigations require the use of covert (concealed) cameras that can record the activities in certain vicinity without being a deterrent to the activity. We are able to discreetly install cameras in many locations to capture the evidence required to prosecute crimes or to address staff issues.

In Store Investigations

We provide licensed, trained, professional investigators to address your external theft issues. Investigators work on the retail floor, in plainclothes to apprehend arrest and detain shoplifters.

Retailers must defend themselves against the small percentage of dishonest customers who enter their facility and choose to take advantage of their business. Dishonest customers can significantly cause a damaging effect on the bottom line regardless if they are impulsive thieves or more organized professional thieves making a living at the retailer's expense.

Through a program like this we will discreetly establish an attitude that theft from the store results in consequences. Through apprehension and arrests your customer base becomes aware, as a result of police presence, criminal prosecution and civil remedies, that theft is not a tolerated business expense. In addition, this type of response supports the value and strengthens the deterrent aspects of CCTV devices by demonstrating that the stores security programs are effective.

Civil Recovery Program

A civil recovery program is structured to provide a civil remedy for the retailer, allowing them to reduce the overall costs of a Loss Prevention program. Our affiliations with civil recovery agencies that deliver the initial demand within 3 business days of an arrest have proven very effective. They are responsible for all communication with those apprehended, negotiate settlements and provide a detailed monthly accounting to the retailer.

Statement Taking / Employee Interviews

Interviews are often necessary to establish responsibility and liability. They must be conducted by only the most experienced investigators as they always risk presenting morale, labour and litigation claims. The use of statements are subject to a wide array of scrutiny in the Criminal and Civil courts; cautions and employment standards are the cornerstone of the successful use of statements in the court and before other bodies. Our senior investigators have been conducting these types of interviews for many years to the satisfaction of retail clients, law enforcement agencies and the courts.

We continuously strive to help you to provide a consistently high standard of service and understand the extensive enquiries. We discuss all the issues in complete confidential manner which is also included non disclosure agreement where necessary. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our services you may inquire on [email protected].

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