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Political Opposition Research

Political Opposition Research is very similar to our Full Biography background investigation. The key to this kind of investigation is to assure the opposition candidate has fully and honestly disclosed their record. We scrutinize everything from their employment history and residence history to an incumbent's voting record. All aspects of the subject's public life is reviewed, including press releases and instances of their remarks being published in the media.

Our research goes way beyond looking for civil and criminal records. We search every existing source of public record for information pertaining to the subject, then use the results to identify people who have known them throughout the subject's life, from high school classmates to present day acquaintances. These witness are interviewed to draw out exceptional details of the subject's life, such as habits, beliefs, and incidents that lead to additional avenues of investigation.

Our highly experienced investigators are discrete, and the investigation is always kept confidential. Honesty is prerequisite to public life. GREVES helps to ensure this quality remains embedded in our nation's political system.

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