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Trademark Name Purchase Services

Trademark buying selling and is a very common business now days on internet. Though common but only a handful of user knows the exact intricacies and complexities of trademark purchasing and selling. Our expert team has taken and purchased many Intellectual property acquisitions of Trademark Name on behalf of our clients.

Our result oriented approach, combined with the backing of our Research division, helps you in many ways. We can handle the entire process from start to finish or provide assistance in any of these areas:

  • Research the scope of use
  • Find out and verify the identity of a registrant
  • Formulate the negotiations and execute them to completion
  • Facilitate transfer throughout India and other Asian countries
  • Arrange for payment
  • Finalize purchase deals

Trademark Purchases

Covert purchasing of trademark is one of the growing fields in the market and for this reason we have a specific team in places who deal with these purchases and who have been conducting this type of work for many years.

Trademark name help the business and organizations to build and protect their reputation and brand. The intellectual property rights of the acquired company need to be transferred into the name of the new owner in each jurisdiction where such rights exist.

A proper time record of the change of ownership is critical to protect the ongoing validity and enforcement of intellectual property rights for several reasons like, if a change of ownership is not promptly recorded, a misconception can arise in the market place as to the identity of the actual owner so consequently, we locate the owner of the Trademark by using our internal specialist databases and our investigative experience. We then make an approach directly to the owner to establish if they are prepared to sell the trademark name and then proceed to negotiate a price.

In the majority of past cases we managed to negotiate a relatively low price for the trademark name that we purchased on behalf of a client. We usually complete the transaction by using a third party like an escrow to ensure security for each side, however we can and have completed these transactions by personally meeting the sellers and exchanging the money, normally in the form of a bankers draft, for the assignment of purchasing the trademark name.

We continuously strive to help our clients and our aim is to provide a consistently high standard of service at competitive compensations ensuring value for money. To obtain more comprehensive information related to our IPR services you may inquire on [email protected].

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