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Trademark Sale Purchase Services

Trademark Registration is the main component of the security of your brand name. A trademark stands and represents the brand name of the company and its products & services. Our team of Trademark Sale/Purchase services is offering a service which will get you your desired trademark at reasonable rates.

We conduct covert sale/purchase of trademarks in India for our clients who cannot directly purchase it from the current trademark owner. We have an able team for conducting such operations as we have cracked numerous such deals in our past on behalf of our clients. As, in few cases a trademark owner unknowingly infringes or uses a different company’s trademark under different class to market his product. In such cases, the original brand/company is in loss as however, the trademark (in different class) is legally used by someone else to market his product. Our team plays a vital role in such operations, as we purchase the trademark for the original brand owner and transfer it to their name so that no one else uses there trademark in different class.

Our result oriented approach, supported with our research division, helps our client in many ways. We handle the entire process from the very beginning till end and provide assistance the below mentioned areas and wherever required:

Research the scope of use
Find out and verify the identity of a registrant
Formulate the negotiations and execute them to completion
Facilitate transfer throughout India and other Asian countries
Arrange for payment
Finalize purchase deals

We have managed to negotiate to a relatively lower price for the trademark name; that is purchased by us on behalf of our client in the past. As, in most of the cases when we approach the trademark owner/seller, they don’t usually know the worth or the loss they are causing to the original brand owner unknowingly. We make sure to close the deal in a discreet manner without disclosing our actual motive. Our experts work understanding the confidentiality of the matter and throughout the process they take care of any kind of mishap so that we can handover the trademark to our client (The original Trademark seeker).

Securing a trade name in India is the most important part as it gives your business a name through which people are going to recognize your business. We help our clients search the availability of their brand name for trademark first by providing them with a free TM search report, and only then suggest them to go ahead with the trademark registration. This ensures high success rate and importantly, it also means that no-one can stop you from using that brand name for your products, services or business.

Our trademark purchase team and research division is working 24/7 to protect your brand/trademark reputation. We consistently aim to provide a high standard of service at competitive rates ensuring quality for money.

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